Tomato seed oilTomato seed oil is a seasonal product. Because tomatoes are grown during summer season in Turkiye for industrial scale.

Tomato prices in this season are at lowest levels. Therefore, tomato paste companies and tomato juice producers make purchases for their all year need in summer season. Afterwards, they process in a short period of time till end of tomato harvest.

Seeds derived from tomato paste and tomato juice production are available for a short period time in this time piece.

Orders for tomato oil

For this purpose, we request our customers to advise their tomato seed oil orders before or during summer season. So, we can plan tomato oil production and deliveries.

Uses of tomato seed oil

Tomato oil is used in cosmetic formulas. It has benefits for skin and hair. In addition, it consists beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant which may prevent or cure several diseases.

We supply tomato oil in bulk within 24 kg drums.