Bst Natural supplies best quality cold pressed safflower oil from seeds grown in Turkiye. Cold press production technique makes this oil with perfect nutrition specifications.

Properties of safflower oil

Cold Pressed Safflower oil comprises of 78.71% oleic fatty acids, 4.85% palmitic fatty acids, 12.44% linoleic fatty acids, 2.40% stearic fatty acids.

It also has the highest concentration of linoleic acid.

The other essential nutrients present in this oil are vitamin E and vitamin K.

Suitable for hot and cold usage!

Smoke Point: 349 °F or 176 °C

Uses Of safflower seed oil

Safflower oil is suitable for hot and cold usage.

Can be used as cooking oil both for deep frying and for salad dressing and marinades. It is also the best alternative substitute of other cooking oils with its high smoke point.

Safflower seed oil can be used improve healthy hair and skin by massaging it into scalp and skin.

HS code of safflower seed oil