Black seed oil is also called as black cumin seed oil or nigella sativa oil.

Our black seed oil is produced by keeping its nature in utmost level and present it to the market. To achieve this, we produce it by using cold pressed oil extraction method.

Color of our oil is native green. However, color of many other black cumin seed oils are dark green which tends to black even. 

Black seed oil photo

Uses of black cumin seed oil

  It is suitable for cold usage only.

  It can be used for salad dressing and marinades.

  It can be used improve healthy hair and skin by massaging it into scalp and skin.

  It can be used as massage oil for your skin.

  You can apply it into deep of your hair.  

HS Codes of black seed oil

If Less than 1 Kg pack: 1515.90.5100

If More than 1 Kg Pack: 1515.90.5900