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Bst Natural Oils web site performing international marketing of cold pressed oils. All of our oils are premium quality precious oils. They are nominated as precious oils. Because the oils are produced by gentle methods without damaging nutrients existing in the seeds. Such kind of oils are found rarely in international markets.

For this purpose, we have included valuable information in our web site related with our products such as specifications, quality features, benefits of cold pressed oils, packing information and how to source our cold pressed oils etc.

We believe that cold pressed oil consumption will increase by means of consciousness of consuming natural foods grown in last decade in the world. In this context, natural edible oils will play an important role. Because almost 1/3 what we eat is consisting of oils. Awareness towards natural oils consumption will support growth of cold pressed oils market. 

Cold pressed oils bring whole nutritional characteristics of the oil seeds in front of us. What our body needs can get from this valuable oil sources in native form. The only thing we shall do is to replace refined oils with cold pressed oils in our kitchen. This is beneficial for us and for our families.

Everything what human body needs is existing in natural products. Therefore, cold pressed oils are a good and basic starting point to convert our diets to natural products.

If a cold pressed oil is free of additives, not exposed to heat during production then it can transfer the nutrients of seeds to the consumer. 

In addition, best seeds from the selected regions are used in the production. We are very lucky since we are located in Turkey where a very rich flora exists . Sourcing of these best quality seed varieties  is main success of our cold pressed oils.

As a conclusion, we wish that provides valuable information to our visitors about our cold pressed oils.

If you have any ideas, please share with us to improve our web site. We are always eager to get comments, recommendations and suggestions from our visitors to improve the contents of our web site. You may use our web sites “Contact” tab for your feedback or any inquiries. We will greatly appreciate them.

On the other hand, if you intend to import our products, we will always be glad to advise you our offers.

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Istanbul, October 7th, 2016

Ziya Bostanoglu

Managing Director.