Bst Natural oils have many distinctive features when compared with similar products.

Distinctive features of Bst Natural cold pressed oils

Best quality nuts are choosen from the reliable sources

Our cold pressed oils are completely virgin oils that are produced from first cold pressing of nuts and seeds.

No preheating process: Nuts and seeds are not heated before they are taken into process although this leads to higher yields and reduces the cost. Bst cold pressed oils are never exposed to heat above 40 degrees Celsius during production. 

% 100 Natural: No chemicals applied, no additives added.

Our cold pressed oils are unrefined oils. It is applied a simple filtration after oil production.

Therefore, our cold pressed oil products preserve native characteristics of the nuts.

Packing alternatives of our cold pressed oils

Retail pack;

250 ml:

Our cold pressed oils are bottled in 250 ml dark-colored glass bottles with flow control

There are 12 bottles in a carton box.

There are 120 cartons in a pallet (80 cm x 120 cm x 150 cm)

100 ml:

100 ml glass bottles in paper boxes.

There are 12 boxes in a carton box.

Bulk packing:

We mainly use for bulk shipment of oils 25 kg capacity, food grade certified jerrycans.

The only exception for bulk packing is that we use same capacity drums for coconut oil due to nature of it.

Each jeryycan comes with necessary certification documents attached at one side of jerrycan.

Shelf life and storage conditions of our cold pressed oils

Shelf life is 2-years unopened.

After opened, it is highly recommended to consume within 30 days. Because our cold pressed oils do not contain any additive and preservative substances.

Avoid exposure of direct sun light.


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